Sunday, March 2, 2008

My First Perfect Post Awards!

I read lots of blogs on a regular basis before I ever decided to take the plunge myself. Hands down, one of my most favorite bloggers in the whole wide world is Oh, the Joys. I could gush about how hilarious she is, how incredibly poignant she can be, and how I find myself coveting these little nuggets of wisdom she sprinkles throughout her blog... but that could be weird and slightly stalker-ish, right? I'm totally revealing my crush here by nominating her for February's Perfect Post Award, but its a risk I have to take.

After I read this post, it was on my mind for quite a while. Family is hard... sometimes overwhelmingly hard to deal with, and I haven't done a great job in some instances. This post shed a harsh light on my own shortfalls, and made me determined to do a better job in the future. Miscommunications get blown so out of proportion and I've never had an easy time with confronting things that make me uncomfortable, as exemplified here.

So, cheers to a post that has challenged me to communicate better with family. I have a long way to go, but it's a start.

The Original Perfect Post Awards 02.08
Thanks to Suburban Turmoil and Momma K for hosting Perfect Posts. To see them all, click the button.


Oh, The Joys said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to offer me this recognition. I appreciate it!!


AmySandy said...

I couldn't get through to the blog. It gave me a message and said the blog could not be found. I'm anxious to read it...

Amy said...

I'm going to have to go check this out when I get back from carpool. Oh how I hate carpool!

April said...

I think communication and family relationships are life-long quests - with bursts of love that make them all the more worthwhile!

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

Virginia said...

I loved that post! I read it the other day after seeing it on Suburban Turmoil's Perfect Post list. I would never have read it if you hadn't nominated it for a perfect post!

Suburban Turmoil Blog Hopping Weekend...Virginia

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