Sunday, March 9, 2008

Boy Briefs, Weekend Edition

It was the start of the weekend, and the whole family has headed to a favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. We're poring over the kid's menu trying to find the perfect meal, aka: one Finn will eat. There are little pictures of each dish and I'm going over them all with Finn, hoping desperately a battle can be avoided.

Me: "Okay, look. Yum! Pick a picture Finn! There's a taco, a hot dog, some chicken fingers, a burrito, and a quesadilla."

Finn: "Hmmm. Okay Mommy. I want a hamburgah. With cheeeeese."

Me: "Well, you see... that's not a choice. There's not a picture of a hamburger here. What picture HERE do you want to eat?"

Finn: studying the menu
"Ummmmmm..... uummmmm. This one. A hamburgah. With cheese."

Me: "That'a not a hamburger. That's a quesadilla. It's YUMMY and cheesy and good! Let's get that for you."

Finn: "No! Nooooooo! Ineedahamburgahwithcheeeeeeese! RIGHT. Dere! DAT picture! Not a quesodilliac! A HAMBURGAH!

Me: desperate to enjoy a nice dinner and bracing myself for a fight
"That's a hot dog. You love hot dogs! With ketchup! And french fries!! Please. Finn. For all things good and holy... please pick a yummy picture to eat. Please...

Finn: "French fries? Otay!!! Yummy yum yum. An a hot dog!! Dat picture, right dere. I love hot dogs. Mmmmm. Otay Mommy."

And just like that, the conflict passed.

Three? Is weird.


Finn: staring intently into a hand-held mirror for several minutes
"Hhhmmmm... I DO have eyebwows!!!


We're looking at old family photos and Finn spies one of me when I was five.

Finn: "Who dat girl Mommy?"

Me: "That's me when I was a little girl. I was little like you. And then I got big."

Finn: "Dat not YOU! You a MOMMY. Dat just a little girl."

Me: "A loooonnnnggg time ago I was a little girl just like you are a little boy. And then I grew up to be your Mommy."


Finn: "I don't want you to grow up to be a little girl. I want you to be my Mommy."
Pause for more thinking
"And then I can grow up to be Supaman and we can beat bad guys!"


It's Sunday morning and Caleb and I are asleep. Finn, in his usual way, is up and roaming the house, looking for interesting things to get into. We eavesdrop on the following conversation:

Door to Eli's room creaks open.
Finn: "Wake up Eli!! Wakeupwakeupwakeup!"

Eli: "Ehhhh??"

Finn: "Time to get up Eli!" door slams and muffled playing sounds begin

Parents: "ZZZzzzzzzzzz..."

a few minutes pass, or maybe several

Finn: whispering five inches away from my face
"Mom... mom. I wake up. An dere's a mess. A mess in Eli's woom."

Me: "ZZzzzzzzz..."

Finn: " MOM. Eli wanna get out. Eli hungry."


A tremendous BOOM! from Eli's room. Then shuffle sounds and Eli enters our bedroom.

Me: "WHAT??? You can get OUT now??"

Caleb: "Zzzzzzzzzz...."

This is how an era ends. We are now in search of bunk beds.
Like THAT'S smart.


Teresa said...

Oh my gosh, you forgot to tell me at lunch that Eli had escaped from the bed! What cute stories, and so far, they all have happy endings! I remember the funny, funny things 3 and 4 year olds say...enjoy. Also, be prepared, one day Emma jumps in the car and says, oh, I love school now, then continued as to why. Three days later, she jumps in the car....I hate school, I could not wait for you to pick me up. Sometimes, what goes around, just keeps going around and around!

Amy said...

Three is the best age ever!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha ah nice story! thanks!!!

pb&j in a bowl said...

Yep, 3 is weird, but 4 is even weirder. Get ready!! They are so much fun, though!

Mommy Bits said...

These are great. I felt like you were looking over my families shoulder when I was reading your Mexican restaurant story.

Sarabeth said...

I think three is weird, too.

I'm blog hopping early because there are so many of us that I can't get to them all!--HP

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why! said...

I love it. I am waiting for the day the Poose escapes his crib...I can see it now...12-going-on 22 Sissy in the tiny room decorated in Elmo, Teletubbies & Blues Clues, Poose in the bottom bunk, and Captain Underpants aka Bubba in the top bunk, trying to use a blanket like a web to swing down cause he thinks he's Spiderman...

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