Monday, May 7, 2012

The Twilight Monster

My 7yo has started writing plays and storyboards as a hobby. I have no idea why he started doing this, but it has become all-encompassing for him. Most of his plays have swashbuckling knight-pirate-ninjas that battle epic monsters and face multiverses of adversity before they save the princess or find hordes of treasure.

His resources are limited, so he usually casts his brother as the dashing lead, with myself & Hotwheel Hubs as supporting characters and extras. I also usually provide catering. I'm not kidding when I say working with him can be grueling - he demands perfect performances from his cast and his rehearsals are often and brutal.

Without further ado, here's a sample of his latest production, The Twilight Monster.

Cover Art, which really has nothing to do with actual storyline.

VILLAGER (played by Mom)
Quick! The Twilight Monster has escaped! 

He did confess he was so busy with the story board he wrote the play in "actor language". 

BRAVE KNIGHT (as played by his brother)
Never fear! The Knight will save your life! 

WISE KING (as played by Dad)
Whoever saves my Princess will be the ruler of the kingdom!
I think that's the king's arms folded. Unless he also cross-dresses.  Also, he is a Pisces.

THE TWILIGHT MONSTER (as played by Finn)
RRROOOAAAAAARRRR!!! You will never get her back! 
The TM is kind of Beelzebulby. 

Now, it's important to note these are just storyboards the dictator director hands out to his cast. He draws four sets of these, all alike, so we can rehearse our lines. Then he goes back and illustrates a master storyboard with color (and correct spelling upon insistance of the catering crew) to refer to when he starts shooting.

I really need to get this kid into drama classes.
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