Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

Today was Finn's last basketball game of the season and I'm a little sad. Lots of family came out to watch so there were eight of us cheering from the sidelines, and it was Finn's best game ever. He was hustling, he was guarding, he was going after the ball, and he was dribbling without fear. I think he thrived on having family there.

At the beginning of the season in November, the boy couldn't even dribble and now he has a favorite team (Vanderbilt), favorite player (Jeffery Taylor lives on a poster on his wall), and he watches basketball on television with his Dad willingly.

Jeffrey Taylor Scores for Vandy
"Jeffrey Taylor scoring a three pointer for Vandy." by Finn. See the #44?

It seems like the game is just now settling into his brain and then the season had to up and end.

Soccer starts up in a few weeks and Eli is finally old enough to have a go at team sports - they're both playing. This could get really interesting.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Pig Lips

It's days like this I can't believe I live in the South. This is the THIRD snow with significant accumulation this winter, and school was closed yet again. (And do I spend that time being productive and ticking off things on my lengthy To-Do list? Of course not! I have Internet! And Uno! And Facebook! And video games! And movies! And Valentines!)

The first snow on Christmas Day was Snowmageddon. We got about 4-5 inches and the boys sledded for the first time in the park.

The second snow was Snowpacolypse. Or "Snow Pig Lips" according to the boys. We were out of school for ELEVEN DAYS. We had almost a foot of snow in some places.

This third snow was melted by noon so there's no cute nickname. Or pictures. Because we are all officially SICK of snow. The boys don't even get excited anymore when it starts up again and school closes, something unheard of this far south of the Mason Dixon line. They have no idea how rare this is.

I'm getting anxious for spring - and gardening, and farmer's markets, and tillers, and fresh cut grass. I heard a story on The Splendid Table about urban chicken coops and am contemplating having a few chickens in the yard so we can have some fresh eggs.

But I think that's just the snow talking.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Other Woman

We have a new babysitter, and she is beloved.

I don't know what she did to them, but I want some of that.
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