Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running for Cookies

Proud of Himself
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Finn & Caleb ran their first official races today at the Cookie Run.

Caleb's was a 5K he ran with our friend Sandy and Finn's was a 1 mile Fun Run. Finn did the whole thing in under 16 minutes without complaining (much). Eli and I were SO proud!

Go to our Flickr site to see all the photos.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The View from Four Feet

Today's photo tour of our house will be presented by Finn, who somehow acquired the camera after I took a snapshot of a moment I'll call "Yogurt Celebration":

He wanted to take a picture of us together first. I thought that was it, but discovered these photos after I downloaded the ones I needed from the camera.

I could have done without the photo of my rear. I'm sure you could too.

Thankfully, Finn's next subject was more interesting...

... but seemed to have forgotten something.

A fascinating shot of the microwave followed.

As well as an artistic depiction of our kitchen floor.

Caleb was asked to pose, which makes me wonder why the camera wasn't confiscated afterward. The shutter seems to be a bit stuck, probably due to the finger that kept jamming it open.

A lovely couch scene...

... followed by some nature shots.

This one was experimenting with light & shadow.

From a dog's-eye view.

A set of geometric shape shots of the dining room table and the stairs -

Concluded by a secret shot of a recently dressed brother.

I hope you've enjoyed this photographic tour of the Hotwheel Hacienda, and it encouraged you to change your perspective every now and then.
As well as be sure to put your camera up higher than usual.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tales of Birth Control

Story #1
It's 5:30 AM. Sleeping like any normal person would be, I am nagged awake by a strange, but familiar sound. I can't quite place it. And then I hear the muffled laughter. "They're OUTSIDE!" I yelp at Caleb, who bounds out of bed and retrieves both Finn and Eli, who thought it was a great idea to turn on the hose and water the tomato plants... in their pajamas at 5:30 in-the-freakin-AM.

Story #2
I'm switching out the clothes from the washer to the dryer. You've all done that, you know how long it takes. I move the clean dry clothes to a basket for folding, and I notice the silence. I head upstairs, confident things are fine and there's no way they had time to do something too bad. I can't find them anywhere. 

What I DO find is my MAC powder blush dumped into my expensive night cream, the red powder making the bathroom look like a crime scene. My makeup brushes are covered with the blush/cream concoction and floating in the toilet. 

Finn and Eli? Hiding behind my rocking chair in the bedroom, Eli sans clothes and adorned with very red, very moisturized streaks all over his body. Finn had used him for his own personal canvass, using the makeup brushes to create his masterpiece. 

Needless to say, the fun picnic we were planning at the Big Bug Gardens didn't happen that day. 

Story #3
Again, it's early morning, but more like 6:00 AM this time. Caleb is up and getting ready for work and I'm trying to cram in a few more minutes of snooze time before the boys wake up. Little did I know they were ALREADY up. I'm not sure, but this is how I think it went down:

Finn: "Eli, you should let Maybel out of her cage." (ie crate)

Eli: "OKAY!" He does. 

Finn: "Eli, you should let Maybel out to go peepee."

Eli: "OKAY!" He does. 

Finn: "Eli, we should take off all our clothes and swing on the swingset."

Ei: "OKAY!" They do. And this is how I found them. 

Three stories, all true... and ALL in one week. 

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