Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Send the Gypsies

Dear Boys,

If you are reading this, then I assume we've all survived - at least until you've learned to read. Consider this a retrospective entry that details the growth your parents have experienced while raising you in your third and fourth years.

Retrospective #1
You are driving your Dad and I bleepity-bleep CRAZY.

Introspective #1
What's with the brotherly fighting all the time? And when I say all the time, I mean every 15-30 minutes, around the clock, except for nine hours you are sleeping?

Introspective #2
How can it be that daycare has called us TWICE in less than a week to pick Finn up for kicking and/or hitting? Is an expelled preschooler in our near future?

Retrospective #2
Never again will I think "My kid won't be like that" or "That's a questionable parenting decision". It's clear now that no parent knows what they're doing. If they say they do, they're lying.

Introspective #3
Where's the justice? Even if we do ALL the right things - read to you, cuddle you, feed you good & healthy food, give you occasional tough love, allow occasional candy (but not too much candy), make sure you get enough sleep, be compassionate (but not too compassionate), be consistent (but not overly so), yaddayaddayadda... you will STILL go through rough patches.

Rough enough to cause our entire days/weeks/(gulp)months to come crashing to a screetching halt with worry over if we're doing the right thing to get you through it. Or if we're just pushing you farther down the wrong track.

Somebody needs to invent a Parenting Magic 8 Ball. NOW please.
Along with a gift certificate to Great Spirits.

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