Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where We've Been

For the handful of folks wondering, no, we have not joined the Witness Protection Program. In between basketball, swimming, laundry, and other boy-wrangling, I'm writing over at the parenting blog Rocket City Mom and posting about our adventures on my Facebook page. Posting here seems redundant but I've got to do better, guilt-free blogging or not.

Quickie updates:
Finn is playing basketball for the third time and got his first triple-double during a game. He's learning to read and we are really enjoying his new school. His favorite Christmas gift was a scooter. He loves telling jokes, Legos, Mario Cart, and jigsaw puzzles. He's currently working on the 550 piece kind.

Eli was visited by the Tooth Fairy three times this month and is a snaggle-puss. His favorite gift was a samurai castle, and he's playing basketball for the very first time this year. He really loves swimming and we're anticipating the next set of lessons. He also loves ninjas, (toy) swords of all kinds, and red-headed girls. Try as we might it has been difficult to dissuade him from the latter.

Hotwheel Husband just finished school and is starting on the next degree, all after he gets home from a full day at work. I'm insanely lucky proud of him.

I'm doing this. And this. And helping my sister with her dance studio. And volunteering at the public library, and working on the Madison Street Festival. And some other stuff that would probably bore you.

Happy New Year and Roll Tide.

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