Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Path of Least Resistance

The keyword hits are cracking me up lately! I love seeing how folks wind up at the HH as they do their wacked-out Google searches... **

hot boys briefs
This one happens a LOT. Combined with the gross-out additions of the numbers one and three. I don't want to think long about that one...

Conversely, I also get pinged by:
hot hippy boy

gargantula spider
So I guess that's a real word now. Kind of like 'damntastic'.


read alike alice in wonderland
This one puzzles me because I can't figure out what post it's referencing. Any ideas?

Dickinson's lemon curd
A post about this recipe gets tons of weekly hits. You're welcome, Dickinson's! You can send me that lifetime supply of nommy lemon curd any day now.

make his in-laws love you
Part II of Dickinson's post. Apparently the subject of distraught in-law relationships is a big issue.

schnitzel zone
Um... okay. Do I WANT to know?

mexican bathrooms?
No, thank you.

As a library professional, it makes me cringe when people use Google like it's GOD. In case you don't already know, always question Teh Internets... ALWAYS!


pajama momma said...

hahahaha, isn't it fun to look at your "hit" list. I'm always cracking up because some poor girl comes to my blog trying to figure out how to make her butt bigger.

I really don't want to tell them to have 4 kids to do it.

The Preppy Princess said...

You want to really cringe...? Kim Kardashian is on our list almost every day. True story. That's the downside of making people the Anti-Prep.

Have a splendid weekend at the hacienda,

McMommy said...

Mexican bathrooms and hot boy briefs sound sketchy and illegal to me.

I'm just saying....

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Wonder why you would google mexican bathrooms?

And wait, you mean Google is not God? ;)

S2 said...

How do you learn this information? I can only imagine how my blog is found - LOL.

BookMamma said...

S2 - statcounter.com tracks keyword paths & analysis - it's pretty interesting to see how people stumble upon you!

Preppy - hey, at least she's good for something!

pj - ya know, I have NO problem with butt enlargement. That's my biggest ASSet!

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