Monday, October 6, 2008

Whatever You Do, DON'T Vote

Just in case you need an army of A-list celebrities encouraging you to vote...

... and now, back to your regularly scheduled Hotwheel Hacienda.
(No more political posts, I promise. I'll do that elsewhere.)

Finn goes for his check up with the plastic surgeon tomorrow. Something tells me that will be very blog-worthy. Stay tuned!


Simply Shannon said...

Love it! I'd follow suit and post this on my blog, but wasn't today the deadline?

Diva Ma said...

I love this video! deadline passed for yesterday. I've taken it upon myself to text everyone in my contacts for months about registerin over and over. I hope I made a difference. I'm sure this video did.

anti-supermom said...

Funny video!

Good luck with the plastic surgeon (which I feel like I need some back story here, sorry) and hopefully it's IS bloggable.

We all love those times~

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