Friday, October 17, 2008

American Graffiti

A few weeks back, the whole Hotwheel family spent a great afternoon at the playground on Monte Sano. Both Caleb and I would occasionally play there growing up, and immediately remembered this Metal Death Trap:

Metal death trap

Of course, the boys loved it and spurned all the safe, cushiony playground equipment in order to crawl all over the MDT. I followed in order to avoid yet another trip to the ER, and was rewarded with some hard-core graffiti chiseled on the metal inside:

i hate peas

I Hate Peas. That is punk rock.

Civil disobedience, indeed.

If you need another breath of fresh air, check out these videos of the two presidential candidates at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner a few nights ago. They both KILLED it - funny, self-deprecating, charming, relevant.... dont'cha wish the whole campaign could have been like this?
(Thanks for the link, S2!)


The White House said...

Yikes! That Metal Death Trap looks scary, and really fun. I will go check out those videos this weekend... Have a great one!

Name: The Bryant Family said...

Jason and I love that piece of equipment (we all it the rocket). We think the new stuff is B-O-R-I-N-G. :-) Do you remember the whirligig thing that used to be behind it in the woods? It had four seats and you would pump it by leaning forward and backward and it would spin around? That was my FAVORITE of all time. Well, that and the metal horse swings.
Here are some picc of Wren on the rocket at the art show.

And here's this great link to a photo gallery of vintage playground equipment.

Wendi said...

OH... that does look scary!
But I guess to a kid...
Love the Peas Graffiti...too funny.

I watched the Memorial Dinner the other night and I must say I agree... they both did a fine job.
Wish those debates had been as entertaining.

anti-supermom said...

So funny, 'I hate peas' make me laugh out loud.

Seriously, funny.

S2 said...

I can't help but wonder if "I hate peas" is a political statement of some sort, LOL.

Steve couldn't recall ever going up there. It's on Monte Sano?

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