Monday, June 2, 2008

Dazed & Confused

We're coming off from a great weekend and Monday hit hard!

It was truly action-packed... SATC movie with the Girls Friday night for me, Farmer's Market, Library Fun Run, and Kid's Kingdom Satur-Day, with a fabulous screening of "Dazed & Confused" as the debuting Hotwheel Hacienda Yard Movie Saturday Night. Last year we found one of those cool inflatable movie screens super cheap online and we've definitely got our money's worth. Around 30 friends showed up to watch the movie and kick some booty in our first Guitar Hero tournament. (Liz, I demand a rematch!!!)

Sunday was spent recovering and cleaning from the night before, and we had been invited to spend the afternoon on a friend's family farm. We had driven almost an hour when the pouring rain made it pretty clear that Farm Day was a bust so we turned the car around.

Luckily, Finn could be consoled with gummy worms.
And really, who cares about cows when you've got gummy worms?


It's also the first of the month and that means... Perfect Post Awards!

I nominated Girl's Gone Child for her post, "Three Years Old". You might also know GGC from that little Rockabye book you see over on my sidebar. She's just come off book tour and found out recently she'll be getting a baby girl in a few months... so send her some love and pick up a copy of the book, cuz' we all know girls are SPENSIVE!

Plus the book is really good.

For a complete list of Perfect Posts go see Suburban Turmoil or MammaK.
Perfect Post Award – 0508


Anonymous said...

This may shock and amaze you...but The Princess was unfamiliar with the inflatable movie screen until this evening. More specifically, this morning, judging from the clock on the wall. Can I just that is a new piece of information I believe will come in handy in the somewhat immediate future? Next few weeks-ish future? So if that helps lift you at all from the doldrums (I know it won't but had to make a sad and pathetic effort in that direction) we offer our thanks for the info!

Artist Unplugged said...

Whew....just tired reading it, but it sounded like fun. I think you two do an awesome job with the variety of activities you do as a couple and with the boys! Go, go, go while it all works well!

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