Friday, May 30, 2008

Blah Day

Yesterday was not a great day for various reasons. Things are really beginning to pile up on me in just about every aspect of my life and I'm getting that oh-so-familiar feeling I'm not doing any of it well. I really hate that feeling.

I think a lot of it has to do with me putting off the gym the past few weeks. I've been too tired to go, but I forget that when I just go anyway I feel a thousand times better afterward. I start with a few sessions with a personal trainer next week so I will HAVE to go - hopefully just the thing to get me back on the wagon.

Maybe tonight's Girl's Night Out will be a good shot in the ass to jolt me out of this funk.

That and POWs...

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amanda said...

sorry bout the blah. i totally. totally. totally. get it.

the girls night out will do the trick. promise.

ps - thanks for coming to my dqa meeting. and did you say "It was damn-tastic." cause seriously i am going to have to steal that!! aren't all words more fun when you add "tastic" to em??

have fun tonight and eat some more chocolate :)

S2 said...

A night out w/friends is always a good way to cheer up the blahs.

About Twitter: I like it for keeping in touch w/friends - especially those who live outside of the country. I have a good friend who now lives in the Dominican Republic and through Twitter we're able to easily keep in touch. As long as you don't add too many people, keeping up w/friends should be fun. Oh and you can also update from your phone which is nice.

Isn't that blog about the couple hiking the Appalachian Trail interesting? He looked exhausted after only one day. Who knows what he'll look like come October.

Have you been out to Mr. & Mrs. W's house recently?! WTF?! They have a 46" flat screen HDTV! We don't even have one of those. They have made so many improvements; we hadn't been out there since last October and it looks like a different house. Crazy.

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