Friday, June 13, 2008

Procrasti-Nation & More Girls

Things I Really Need to be Doing Other Than Blogging Right Now:

- Finish Father's Day preparations. I got the big ones but need a few small things to complete the gifts for all the Daddy-men in my life.

- Freeze the strawberries we got from the CSA before they get mushy

- Clean & mop the kitchen. Good thing I have my steam mop!

I have an unorthodox relationship with my steam mop...

- Do five thousand loads of laundry

- Fix my Flickr uploader. I seem to have deleted it altogether trying to download the latest 3.1 version...

- Take a shower

- Weed the garden


My sister & her hubs made the Big Announcement at family dinner last night.... they're having a girl!!! She'll make her appearance around Halloween and the boy/girl balance of the grandchildren will be broken. I think Finn & Eli can get a hold of her and turn her to the dark side yet. Congrats Po & H!


Lisa McGlaun said...

Oh I am so envious. I want a steam mop. The entire main floor of my house is tile...I need a baby like that. Where did you get it?

Love you,

Kelli said...

Love it...haha!
A steam mop? Sounds right up my alley. I've been looking to get something new for the kitchen floor. I am all "swiffer"ed out. Your relationship with your steam mop reminds me of me and my Roomba. You'll have to check out this post - - if you get a chance.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Drop by anytime!

Beth said...

What is a steam mop? I've never heard of this and it's already making me drool at the idea of steaming the milk and goop off without hand-and-knee scrubbing action.

I'm so jealous~
Thanks for the blog visit

BookMomma said...

OK - ya jealous peeps!! I will share the secret of steam mop lovin with you... (would that be mopophelia?)

It's a Bissell Steam Mop and it will rock your world. It plugs into the wall and cleans and completely disinfects your tile floor without chemicals - only uses water! I tried to find it locally but no one carried it so I got it on Amazon. I used to hate mopping. Now I puffy heart it. And this little piece of happiness cost me all of $75 bucks. I can't recommend it enough!

They should really pay me for such a glowing endorsement...

Fairybookmother said...

hee-hee-heeeee!!!! Spilling my lemonade was worth the price of getting to see your I-<3-my-mop demo. And you wonder where Fin gets his unorthodox love for Scooby? yah. ;)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I have been contemplating purchasing a steam mop.

Bissell Steam Mop it is! I'm off to investigate!

Steve & Stepher said...

I checked out the CSA website. What a terrific concept! I like the idea of supporting local farms that grow w/o chemicals and I really love the idea of free-range eggs. We haven't eaten eggs or chicken in such a long time b/c of the way the animals are factory farmed. Thanks for posting the link.

Why is it so difficult to find quality products in local stores? We are going to have to order a similar product online since it is not to be found at any store w/in 50 miles. So frustrating...

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