Friday, June 20, 2008

Beachward Bound!

We're headed to the beach and won't be back until we've eaten our fill of crab claws, slathered on enough sunscreen to coat the hub of the Titanic, and worked sand into all TEN of the butt cracks that will be inhabiting the house by the beach.

The laundry is done, the house sitter is briefed, the mail & newspaper stopped.

The computer... is not coming. It wasn't invited. Mainly because there's no Internet connection at the beach (what's up with THAT? It's like they want me to put the damn thing down or something...) and finding a wi-fi location will be way too hard.

Anyways, I'll be too busy soaking up the sun and lazing around on the sand with a fruity drink. Napping until noon and when I decide to eventually wake up, shopping at the designer outlets. Enjoying dinner and drinks and night walks on the beach.

OK, stop laughing...

... I said STOP!

We all know that a beach trip with four wild boys all ages two and three = complete and utter insanity. I'm just choosing to live in my fantasy world because I'm happy there.

I'll see you in a few days and can't wait to catch up! In the meantime, head over to The McMommy Chronicles for POW Fridays!


creative-type dad said...

A beach with no internet! How does one survive...?

McMommy said...

Be careful of G-string girl....I heard she's out roaming family pools and beaches!!!!!


Have a FABU time! Take lots of pictures for us!

Artist Unplugged said...

Sure, romantic walks and dinners. You, without a laptop? Take a photo of THAT! Have fun, would love to see the boys on the beach!

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