Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PCB or Bust, Baby!

HA!! Thought you could be rid of me that easily did you?
Alas for you, they have free wi-fi at a smoothie cafe here in PCB, and Hotwheel Hubs ended up bringing the laptop to check on a work thingy.

We're having a great time, the weather is here, wish you were beautiful, and all that. Remind me to tell you about the gigantic spider from Hades, digging for treasure, and the joy that is wrangling two three-year-olds and two not-quite-two-year-olds to nap in the afternoons.

Things to be happy about:
- Pirate cruise Thursday!

- Date Night #1 down, Date Night #2 Thursday night. (Hooray for teenage sisters!)

- Big Boys went to the seafood market and got us some stuff that was swimming earlier this morning to throw in a vat of boiling water and dip in butter.

- For once, I am NOT sunburned on the second day of a beach trip.

- There is Red Stripe in the fridge and mojito mix in the freezer.

Catch you on the flip side....
(big props for anyone who can name that movie line! Er, the one I'm thinking about anyways.)


Phat Mama said...

Boondock Saints?

Sounds like you're having fun! Congrats on not having a sunburn yet.

Mandy said...

The Boondock Saints is my guess too!

Sounds like a fab time.

McMommy said...

My guess is Point Break! I am totally wrong, aren't I? But I could swear that Patrick Swayze says it to Keanu Reeves when they are out surfing!

And listen, you and I are SO MADE TO BE FRIENDS. "Weather is here, wish you were beautiful"...are you a Buffet fan??? And you have Red Stripe in the fridge??

I AM COMING TO FIND YOU!!!! Who-hoo!!!!!

ShannanB said...

Sounds like a blast. That is huge on the sunburn thing. I always fry the first day.

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