Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BFF's Forever

Finn does this thing where everybody is "his BEST friend."

For no reason at all he'll stop playing, walk up to me, and say "Mommy, you my best friend?" Or he'll hug Eli and whisper "you my BEST friend, Eli." Eli mainly ignores him and continues to obliterate whatever toy he happens to be holding. Every classmate at daycare is Finn's best, as well as every stuffed animal he sees. His affection is touching and sincere, and is usually followed by a "I just love you..." like he feels compelled to give a reason for it.

I learned today from his teachers that Finn is pretty good when it comes to playing with the other kids in his class. I had been worried he was a loner since he enjoys playing by himself so much at home, and was concerned he wasn't being social at school. Turns out 98%of the time he plays with the other kids. The other 2% happens when Eli's class joins them on the playground; when that happens Finn wants to hang out with his brother.

I just love that.


I'm also totally lovin' that McMommy awarded me her revered "Be Frie" Award!!!! (Does it count that I totally bribed her with fabulous children' books? Yes? Great!) It's the Hotwheel's Hacienda very first blog award and I will wear it until it turns my neck green and makes my head fall off.



Pretty soon we're headed to the beach with the boys and some of our RL best friends. I'm counting the days until we can get away from things for a while and lounge around for a week or so!


Mandy said...

It's great that your son is so affectionate. My eldest is like that now... took him two years to be expressive like that, but for the last 1.5 years, I feel like I can't hear enough, "I love you's"!

McMommy said...

I TOLD you it had nothing to do with the book that Matty loves so much and asks to read him every night and McDaddy asks why I call the boy Finn instead of Flinn and then I have to explain that Book Mama's son is Finn and that is why HE is now Finn instead of Flinn.....I swear. (how's THAT for a run-on sentence!) It has nothing to do with that book.

I'm just trying to bribe you to come visit me, is all. And bring Captain Finn and Eli with you! So Matty and Carter can play with them. And you and I can drink wine. Now THAT'S a playdate!

Artist Unplugged said...

That's great Finn is so sweet to everyone and especially to Eli. Yea to the beach trip, you must call and catch me up on that trip.

Shannon said...

What a sweetheart!

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