Friday, June 6, 2008

TGIF... for Reals

Dear Work:

I am writing this memo to tell you to LAY OFF.

Yes, I know I signed up for this. I know it appears that I have the luxury of a flexible part-time schedule (HA! Part-time?? No such thing.) But a girl can only handle so much and still be sane.

You see Work, right now I am trying to be a full-time wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/gardener, AND a full-time fundraiser/volunteer-coordinator/advocate/intern/committee-organizer/data-entry/publicist/accountant/mediator... but on a part-time schedule. None of it is getting done well, and the list of balls that I'm dropping is growing bigger each day. As this big fat event day gets nearer, I'm afraid it's going to look like a..

... like a...

... like a big place with lots of balls bouncing around everywhere. Plus it's seriously cutting into my blogging time.

Actually, my kids would love that, and maybe while they're bouncing around in the balls I can throw some laundry in and check my email and work on this invitation mailing and get dinner started.

Just don't forget the bouncy balls.


Another reason to say TGIF is McMommy's POW Fridays.

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Aardvark said...

Good Luck with everything you have going on! You should come to our book club sometime! We could use a little direction ;)

Aardvark said...
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Fairybookmother said...

Dear Stephenie,

you shall be the Mystress of all great bouncing things. From bb's to Yoga balance balls, you can do it. When something comes your way that you don't think you can balance, then serve it up, tennis style, to your nearest team member. (duck & cover, everyone!)

practice your holy mantra "NOOOOOOO...., NOOOOOOO...."


Fairybookmother said...
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Fairybookmother said...

oooohkay, I tried to post a link to epicurious's 5 best box wine reviews, but no such luck, so I dropped it on your facebook wall. Now, on with MY bouncing balls today! :)

Artist Unplugged said...

Yeah, it's "follow the bouncing ball", not balls. Soooo hard to juggle, more than three is mega-challenging. I feel the same way....hang in there, from what I can tell you're doing AMAZING! Love you dearly.

BookMomma said...

Anywhere there's boxed wine I am THERE! Thanks for your faith and encouragement!

McMommy said... this "work thing" cutting into blogging time? Because if it is, I'm going to have to go all Kung-Fu Panda on it.


Steve & Stepher said...

Considering what you've previously written about your "part-time" job, are you absolutely positive staying w/the job you have is worth the emotional stress and turmoil?

If you don't need to work, quit and stay home w/your boys. I'm sure they'd love to have you home.

Life is too short. if this job is stressing you, fuck it and move on. A part-time job shouldn't cause this much frustration. Let them find someone else to work full-time and get paid part-time...

/exiting soapbox


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