Saturday, April 26, 2008

SERIOUSLY?? We Need This?

How Do You Explain Mommy's Nose Job?
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What are children to think when their mother's nose suddenly gets smaller, her breasts bigger, or her belly flatter? How should parents explain the changes?

Some prefer fantasy — "it was a mysterious gift from Santa Claus" — or lies — "Mommy needed a smaller nose in order to breathe better, Honey."

But Dr. Michael Alexander Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon from Florida, is a fan of honesty. He has written a children's book, My Beautiful Mommy, that bluntly explains it all.


Um... thoughts?


Sara said...

I think that its both sad, and funny at the same time.

Name: The Bryant Family said...

OH, how has it gotten to this? What a sad message to send to children. But weirdly, I'm thinking, is it just as bad not to put this in the collection as it is not to put 'Heather has Two Mommies" there?

pb&j in a bowl said...

We are supposed to teach our children to love themselves and each other as they are but it is completely acceptable for mommy to go get a smaller tummy or a new nose? Interesting.

AmySandy said...

Sorry for the long comment here, but this book is certain to breed a lot of discussion. It comes down to what you find "offensive" (if that's the word). The fact that Mommy's getting plastic surgery at all? Or the way it's explained here?

Do we feel like now that Mommy's a mommy she shouldn't alter her looks through surgery? She should be above that? She is teaching her children the wrong thing by doing it? I'd have to argue with you on that one, but that would make for a VERY long comment ;)

But the purpose of the book is to help mothers explain the process. I haven't read it, but I don't think it does. I've had a nose job, but the boys weren't around to explain that to. If they had been, would this book have helped? I don't think so. It seems too simplistic. Celebratory, even. Like it's meant to convince mothers that they need plastic surgery. The doctor says it's for parents who've already decided to have the surgery, so it sounds like the doctor's intentions are well-placed, but I'm not sure that the result matches the intentions. I'd be curious to read it, but, yeah, it won't be tomorrow's bedtime story.

McMommy said...

I just find this funny! I'm going to buy it and put it in Matty's stack of bedtime stories that McDaddy reads to him every night.


Lisa said...

That is a bit disturbing but just reflects our current culture. A bit sad, really.

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