Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My First Meme

At my age, it's not very often I get to experience another "first". Thanks to McMommy, I got tagged for my first official meme!

Memes kind of remind me of those Slam Books we used to have in junior high, with each page of a spiral notebook a different question and each line numbered down the side. Everybody who signed up could list their favorite color, or favorite song, or even (gasp!) if they thought Josh Campbell was the Hottest Guy in Eighth Grade.

So... here's my meme.
For the record, my favorite color is green and if I had to pick a favorite song I would say, at the moment, "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer.


First, the rules (and oddly, only two of them...why not five?):
1. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
2. At the end of the post, the player then tags five people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment letting them know they've been tagged and to ask them to play along and to read your blog.

what i was doing ten years ago...
This was interesting because I couldn't remember. So... I took a look in an old journal to jog my memory and was surprised to see the first entry dated April 2, 2008. Can you believe that?? EXACTLY ten years ago! Very weird.
1 Turning 21
2 Moving from Birmingham back to my parent's house. This was not my finest hour. Actually, I think I can honestly say this was the lowest point in my life to date.
3 Taking a trip out west with my Dad to see the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and The Damn Hoover Dam. It was my first plane ride and lobster dinner. It was the first time my Dad and I regarded each other as adults. It was a great trip that we still talk about.
4 Applying for massage therapy school in Nashville.
5 Getting re-aquainted with a friend from high school. Whom I married the next year. (Abandoned all thoughts of Nashville.)

five things on my to-do list today...
1 Return mass amounts of phone calls & emails from earlier in the week
2 Organize the finer points of a Reader's Theater happening this weekend
3 Get my butt to my gym class
4 Catch up on The Riches
5 Post this meme

five snacks i enjoy...
1 chips & guacamole
2 hummus and pita from Fresh Market
3 M&Ms mixed with hot popcorn, so they get all melty in the shell and burst liquid chocolate in your mouth. Throw in some salty popcorn and you've got heaven
4 a skinny dirty chai at Stearns
5 red seedless grapes, a little on the tart side

five things i would do if i was a billionaire...
1 Share it with my family and friends. Specifically, host our entire family reunion on a cruise ship for at least a week.
2 Take care of college tuition for my kids. And these guys. And my neices. And myself and my husband.
3 Buy that pub on the Dingle Peninsula. Double the current staff's salary, and live there during the summers.
4 Donate some to the library, for Technology & Outreach needs. (And other needs that I won't list here.) Donate a huge chunk to charities that I could think about for hours before detailing here but I'm not.
5 Pay Clinton & Stacy to go shopping for me and fill my closet with all stylish new clothes that fit me perfectly. I want a new wardrobe. I hate actually shopping for it. Stole this one from McMommy, abridged a bit!

five of my bad habits....
1 I let dishes sit in the sink overnight after dinner. I'd rather blog instead.
2 I'm a terrible gossip. At least I know it.
3 I hatehatehate mating socks. Hate it. We have a huge basket of single lonely socks because I hate pairing them up.
4 I'm not the best at returning calls/text messages in a timely manner.
5 When I'm in a group setting, I tend to dumb myself down to make others feel comfortable.
This from my husband when I asked him about my bad habits. Is this an egotistical bad habit?

five places i have lived.... (all of them in Alabama)
1 Birmingham - wild child days
2 111 Oak Street -childhood home
3 A sixty-plus year old dorm room that smelled like unwashed booty
4 starter home Rancher wwaaayyyy out in the stix during our first years of marriage
5 squatted for a month in my grandparents empty house while we closed on our new house

five jobs i've had....
1 waitress at not one, not two, not three... but SIX different restaurants in my lifetime
2 therapy tech at a chiropractic office, ie: EMS, ultrasound, Xrays
3 bookseller at Barnes & Noble
4 children's librarian
5 barista at Starbucks - you want a venti-skinny-tripleshot-extrahot-white-chocolate-soy-mocha? I can do it.

Tag, you're it!!
1 Amy's Brat Pack - love Amy and her brood!
2 A is for Aardvark - fellow Rocket City girl with #2 on the way.
3 PB&J in a Bowl - a sassy Nashville blogger with her sassy sweet girl
4 My girl Lee Anne - great friend and mother of a tiny bird
5 Artist Unplugged - new blogger and multi-tasking mom

Thanks McMommy! It was fun. And a bit weird to look back on after many years...


Amy said...

Thanks for the tag, I haven't seen this one and it looks like a good one! I will try and get it done next week.

MCmommy said...

It's a little freaky how alike we are! I'm famous for leaving the dirty dinner dishes (and pots and pans) in the sink...and all over the countertops...because I'd rather blog too! Life's too short to keep my kitchen spotless!

Loved all your answers. Congrats on losing your meme virginity!

AmySandy said...

That was so much fun to read!! And thanks for thinking that you would pay K&C's college...Lord knows we're going to need someone to!

I thought of you tonight while I mated the boys' socks ;)

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