Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Thing About Eliot

Like many siblings, my two sons - born 19 months apart - are completely different from each other. At the moment, Finn is definitively the Type A Personality. He's more high strung, intense, bossy, always looking for something to get into, and very affectionate.

Eli is... none of those things.
Think a toddler-size Matthew McConaughey. Laid back, low-maintenence, completely adorable (right down to the beauty mark under his left eye), Eli rolls with the punches and lives in the moment. He's very aware of his unorthodox cuteness and its effect on those around him.


The boy is seriously smooth. He LOVES women of all ages and sizes, and will seek them out wherever he goes. If we're at a restaurant, he flirts with our waitress. If our server is a guy, he will zero in on the nearest table full of ladies and spend the duration of the meal making eyes and cooing at them. He never fails to get their attention.

Recently we checked out a book at the library, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to replace it. He would be heartbroken if I ever forced him to part with it. It's the Star Wars Visual Dictionary. In it there's a double page spread of Princess Leia in all of her various costumes, and Eli is absolutely riveted...

... on this particular picture, of course:
Princess Leia

How soon do you think we can lock him up?


Name: The Bryant Family said...


Lisa said...

He is SO cute!

pb&j in a bowl said...

How funny! He's a little charmer isn't he?

AmySandy said...

I love the Matthew McConaughey reference!! That's so Eli! Any day now he'll start stripping his shirt off everywhere he goes.

As I tell Connery all the time, "You are SO not your brother."

MCmommy said...

I am dying laughing with the Matthew McConaughy line!!!!

Sometimes I swear you and I are living the same life....because the way you described Finn and Eli? You SO could have been describing Matty & Carter!!

Maureen said...

Ha! That he loves Princcess Leia is very telling... what a guy.

Blog Hoppin'

creative-type dad said...

LOL -- Princess Leia!

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