Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not Dead... Yet

I'm here, just crazy busy. We're going on that fabulous kid-free vacation in less than 24 hours, and have I packed?
Um, no.

Have I prepared everything for my mom (who is the most wonderful person on earth I might add) since she agreed to come stay with the boys in our house?

Have I cleaned the house?

Have I run the thousand and one errands that are always required before leaving town?
That would be a big NO.

Have I stocked up on groceries?




MCmommy said...

You are giving me an anxiety attack over here!! Geez, I may just have to come on your vacation with you so I can RELAX.

Can I bring my kids though? Kind of short notice to get a babysitter. Don't worry, they won't bother you or your husband...much.

Name: The Bryant Family said...

If I had known, I would have offered to watch your kids or something! I hope you have a GREAT vacation. Get in touch when you get back so we can get together. :-)

pb&j in a bowl said...


Câmera Digital said...
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Mommy Bits said...

OMG. A kid free vacation? I am so jealous. Have an absolutely wonderful time... and yes, what are you doing blogging? Go pack!

Sara said...

I hope you have a wonderful Kid free vacation. you deserve it!

AmySandy said...

So I'm assuming that you've packed by now ;) But I've learned that packing for myself is a breeze compared to packing for the boys! As my aunt says, throw some panties in a sack and come on!

Have a wonderful time!! And call when you get back. I've had a little accident with a sledgehammer and my big toenail. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it.

Love you.

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