Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mighty Finn at Bat

Mighty Finn at Bat
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Finn & Keran's first T-Ball practice was this week and it couldn't have gone better! Amy's post says it all, and is a great "play by play" (HA! Get it? Get my pun??)

Finn keeps asking when he can go play baseball again. I'm praying it doesn't rain Saturday.

Click the photo for the whole album.


in other news, my phone contract is almost up and I'm debating if I should get a Blackberry. I need something I can sync up tp my Outlook and open emails for work. I can't get ANYBODY at the Verizon store to wait on me. And no, I didn't have the kids with me so that's not it.

So I turn to you. Anyone have a recommendation?

I'm trying to decide between this Treo or this Crackberry.


Meg said...

I remember those tee ball games and I'm glad we've moved on to baseball. My son has been pitching and it's given him so much confidence. Fun pics!

McMommy said...

My neighbor just switched from the Treo to the Crackberry! She says the crackberry is wayyyy better!

JennBeth said...

I have this crackberry (in red). I got it right before I went in the hospital to have Ellie (so I could email pictures from my hospital bed). It takes great pictures. It's a bit awkward to hold and use as a phone (can't really put it between your neck and ear, if you need your hands free), so I recommend you get the bluetooth, too.

Name: The Bryant Family said...

Jason had a blackberry for work when we were in Italy and he liked it. I want an iphone but I don't know anything about them. :-)

I'm so glad F is enjoing Tball.

AmySandy said...

I am so glad you captured the moment when Finn did a pirouette by home plate!! I remember, he even got Sandy's attention before he did it! Classic!

Saturday got rained out!!! But tomorrow will be a scream, I'm sure. I won't be there, so take more pics and tell me how it goes.

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