Monday, February 25, 2008

Real Friends Share


Of course. THIS little guy is now making me feel like ass on a cracker.

Too bad Caleb and I can't enjoy having the boys at Grandmother's house. We're too busy running 102 degree fevers and aching so much it hurts to lie down. Or sit up. Or walk. Or look anywhere but straight ahead.



Name: The Bryant Family said...

I had to look up what you were talking about! :-) I hope the boys don't catch the flu too. I'm really sorry you are feeling bad and I hope you recover quickly!

In other news, WE GOT HOME LAST NIGHT! And I have to tell you that the first stop we made was to Bandito Barito to pick up our "green" bean baritos (veggies bean baritos). Tasty!!! We got there 1 minute past closing but they made them up for us anyway. And we all mostly slept a full night. Of course Wren didn't actually go to sleep until 2am Italy time!!! She was awake all the way until we got on the plane in Atlanta (7:30pm Central) but then she zonked out right after take off and slept all the way home and is still sleeping now at almost 7am!!! I should probably wake her up soon... I'm sure tonight won't go as smoothly for us but last night was great!

Ty's Dad said...

Hey. Thanks for stopping by on the tball picture. I started Ty when he had just turned 4 last fall. Our town has a league that is 4 and under and there are plenty of 3 year olds. It's pretty much learning the basic skills and they don't keep score. I highly recommend it.

pb&j in a bowl said...

OH NO!!! Hate to hear it. Hopefully, it will be over soon.

AmySandy said...

That's so sad!! It brings back painful...and feverishly chilled...memories from a two weeks ago! Let us know if we can do anything.

April said...

Ok, there's way too many sick bloggers lately - I'm starting to get worried that this blogging is not so good for us after all!

Hope you feel better soon!

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

Sarabeth said...

Hands washed. Get well soon.

Blog hopping--HP

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Hope you feel better soon!!

Happy Friday! Blog Hoppin'!
~"Margarita Mom"

Mommy Bits said...

ewwww. I feel your pain. Our house has been full of sicko's the entire month of February. This weekend I have to Lysol the entire house!!

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