Monday, February 4, 2008

Boy Briefs, Chocolate Covered

We're watching Food Network in the rocking chair before tucking Finn in. They're doing the Valentine candy special.

"MMMmmmm... choc-o-late! I looovvvee choc-o-late!"
smack smack goes the mouth

"Mmmmmmm. I eat it UP. All that choc-o-late. I EAT it."
more loud smacking, followed by happy wriggling.

"Mommy, it so yummy. So, so yuuummmm-ME!"

My genes run deep.


We were invited to a grown-up Super Bowl party on Sunday and left the boys at home with my little sister. I was really looking forward to it, mainly because of the promised Guitar Hero tournament slated to take place during half-time. I had never played before but was giddy with the thought of giving it a whirl, but some part of me knew it was a very bad idea...

I am a recovering addict. Video games and me have a long and obsessive past, and my ability to stay on the wagon has only been kept intact because I distance myself from them on purpose. It all started with Zelda so many years ago and spiralled out of control.

Back to Guitar Hero. It's chocolate covered crack. The more you play, the better you get. So, thanks Liz. You are single-handedly responsible for my demise. I must have it.

Guitar Hero


As previously stated, Eli is our rocker. The boy can cut a serious rug, and music makes him happy. He likes just about everything, but if it's got a mean beat he has a special place in his heart for it. We checked out this CD from the library and it resides permanently in the car for the morning commute.

Sufjan Stevens. The FemBots. Apostle of Hustle (Eli's personal favorite). The first song is titled "Be Nice to People with Lice"... "Back at school everybody calls me names/They scream, 'Hey, it's lice boy!' then they run away."
Let the children lose it, let the children use it, let all the children boogie!

And boogie he did. Eli got so caught up in the music this morning I looked in the mirror and saw him swaying back and forth, with his eyes closed and a beautific grin spread across his baby face. He stayed that way throughout the whole song.


For dessert, I leave you with Nigella, the goddess of all things choc-o-late:


Amy said...

Oh my God!! Zelda totally ruled my world. I need to see if I can download the old version on our Wii. Then I'll definitely not be paying attention to my kids.

Stella said...

My son is ALL about the food network. Even recognizes the website and asks for me to put it on! I think it's awesome! :)

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