Saturday, February 16, 2008


I am saltwater taffy.

I am a wad of asphalt chewing gum on a July day.

Just call me Mary-Kate...

I've been stretched pretty thin the past week or so, hence the lack of posting. I've also been struggling with a post I can't decide if I should make official or not. Partly because it's in such a fluxuatng limbo from day to day... mysterious, much??

Got belated Valentine plans tonight so my usual Weekend Blog Hopping will have to wait until Sunday.

What did you do for V-Day?


Teresa said...

Happy Valentine's Day celebration night! Mine was pretty low-key. Gave daughter and husband a bag of various goodies and sent my college boy a box of goodies which he did not receive until Friday. We picked up food from Terranova and it was very yummy. Did not get candy, per my request.

AmySandy said...

My V-Day? Let's see...chilled, achy, just generally feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Yep. My V-Day gift was the FLU!! The boys went to Momma's so they wouldn't breathe the same air as me, and Sandy brought me dinner in bed with a side of beef jerky and a box of Whoppers. He knows me, that man.

We have V-day gifts for the boys...but we'll wait till we're sure none of us are contaminated.

Maureen said...

Our V Day was subdued, as usual. A nice dinner and wine... we don't go all out anymore.

Hope you had a great one!

Blog Hoppin'

Mommy Bits said...

Don't feel bad. Been a little behind on the blog hopping myself!

Blog Hopper,
Anastasia Beaverhousin

Name: The Bryant Family said...

It's so sad, V-day is hardly gone and I can't even remember what we did. I think we had pizza for dinner. But we did go to Rome this weekend (J's bday is two days after hearts day) and that was fun. Maybe you should wait on your announcement - unless it's more or less official. I ALWAYS open my mouth too soon so who am I to counsel. :-)

Ty's Dad said...

My v-day? Swimming lessons with Ty and then dinner @ Wendy's.

-- weekend blog hopping

Amy said...

I think everyone is behind this week. Between V-day and this flu bug all over the country! I took my girls to see the Jonas Brothers. I so deserve a mom of the year award.

April said...

You mean, Singles Awareness Day? :)

Actually, mine wasn't so bad. But nothing romantic about it. Oh, well.

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