Sunday, February 24, 2008

So What Have YOU Been Up To??

What do you get when you have a Caldecott Award-winning children's book author/illustrator, an elementary school with 700 frenzied students & teachers, and a three year old with a perpetual fever?

Apparently, you get NO time to blog about it all.

We've been so lucky this year. Last year Finn & Eli battled The Ick from November through March, and Eli, especially, operated in a vicious circle of fever and antibiotics. The nebulizer had a permanent place plugged into the living room. We had a daily routine of pinning Eli to our chests and forcing the plastic mask to his face so he could breathe in the medicine, holding at bay the threat of asthma from our pediatrician. He hates that vile thing with its painted on fish face.

So I still count us lucky that it is only now fever has paid a visit to our house, this time with Finn as its victim. It's that frustrating on-again-off-again fever too, the sort where Tylenol barely touches it for the four hours it promises, then rages again almost immediately. Finn is scarily glassy-eyed and lethargic. If you know him, you know how out of character that is for him. And now Caleb's got it. Hooray!!

The library hosted a great author/illustrator in Denise Fleming this weekend, which kept me hopping and away from home most of the week. All I can say is I work with the. most. amazing. people. ever. Lipstick Librarians are people you certainly want in your corner.

And how cute is Diablo Cody?? I'm watching her win this Oscar and thinking of that fabulous article she wrote about a New Kids On the Block reunion. I loved the way she was so sincere and nervous and jerked the envelope from Harrison Ford's hand... now that I think of it, SHE would make a perfect Lipstick LIbrarian!

Still working on that volitile post. Call me lazy, call me scared, call me wishy-washy. It's all correct. But posting something on SAHM's vs. Working Moms is always going to be a doozy.


Amy said...

We fight the nebulizer battle here too, no fun! Sorry your crew has been sick. Hope everyone is feeling better and your life can settle down a bit! As if, you're a mom, there's no settling down!

Lisa McGlaun said...

I didn't get to watch the oscars. I'm guessing that picture is from the red carpet. I'd get my hair dyed that color if I thought I wouldn't look like a vampire..:) I love jet black hair.

Best Wishes,

Name: The Bryant Family said...

So glad to hear how everything went. Can't wait to see you once you are all better and perky again!

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