Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pinch Hitting

So I'm over at Mcmommy's pad today for my very first guest post.

And in between that I'm working like a FIEND.
Only 7 days until my big fat event with Very Famous Person and I've acquired an eerie Zen-like attitude toward it all.

In other words, if you're visiting for the first time I'm usually here more.


1.) Peruse the Hotwheel Archives:

Like this one where we cook!

Or this one where we deal with toddler bullies!

Or this one where I lose my not-quite-two-year-old in a 16-story condo!

2. Leave me a Comment
But only if you want to... no pressure.

3. Peruse the Hotwheel Library
It's over there on the right. We're book and shoe ho's around here.

4. Twitter Me
Um... sounds nasty, no?

5. Pray to the Library Gods/Goddess that I Don't Screw Up this Very Important Event that Will Equal the Majority of What Our Libraries will be Able to Spend in Their Book Budgets.
Do you know any library goddesses?


katarinas mama said...

Chanting peaceful, non-screw up thoughts for you...Very Big Event is going to be awesome,ergo the Zen Mood. Stay in the zone. I can hardly wait to read the post-VBE posting (nothing like doubling up on my post words).

The Mom said...

Super fab post at McMommy's!! I see myself as you see yourself...except I have shorter hair. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Great post over at McMommy's. Well done! Thought I'd pop on over to your blog to say hi.

PS I just tripped over my toddler's hot wheels cars while carrying the rubbish and recycling out. Ouch and ewww were amongst just some of the words I used! LOL It's hard being a boy mum!

The White House said...

What a fantastic photo of you! I am headed to McMommy's house to check you out...

AmySandy said...

What??!! You ARE the library goddess...

anti-supermom said...

You did awesome with McMommy's post - but thought I'd share the love over here :)

I can't remember if I wrote this, but I love the new blog look

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