Friday, August 1, 2008

Perfect Posts in a Not-So-Perfect World

Sometimes when I'm bloghopping there are posts that I wish did not have to be written. They are so hard to read, and stick with me long after I would have liked to forget them. But I almost always force myself through, even though I'm left teary and a little bit more broken hearted.

Like Punk Rock Mommy's lost battle with cancer. I haven't been reading her long, but her last post moves me beyond any words I could type here. My heart hurts for her family, and I am glad they have her blog to keep her a little bit nearer for a little bit longer.

And then there's Heather of "A Big Boy, a Baby Girl, and a Precious Pug" fighting the Big Fight and freshly cancer-free. Seeing the blog community come together to support her and send good karma/prayers/thoughts her way in a massive wave of compassion and empathy directly counteracts the terrible things I see on the daily news.

So I am honered and surprised to be nominated (for the first time!) for a Perfect Post by S2 Do Life. I feel a little like a freshman who dares to sit with the seniors on the first day of high school, and that surely somehow S2 must have made a mistake, but there you are.

It has made me extremely...


Visit Suburban Turmoil for a complete list of Perfect Posts for July.
You'll be glad you did.


pajama momma said...

Congratulations! You deserve it!

I especially like the award.

McMommy said...

OMG!! CONGRATS!!! That is HUGE!! So maybe I am dumb...but which post of yours was the perfect post??

I will go back and read this post again to make sure I didn't miss the link....

BookMomma said...

Whoops - I guess a link would be nice! this is the post that was nominated.

BookMomma said...

Good grief!! I am html defficient at the moment... here's the good link to "in Which Eli is Two".

Artist Unplugged said...

Doesn't surprise me a bit - I have always known you are award-winning, now others know too. I AM surprised that my parallel blog, "Dear Me: Thoughts To Myself So I May Think Them Later" to your winning post wasn't recognized! (ha, yeah right) Fine - your posts inspire me to be forge ahead with my blog - I finally have one regular follower!

Steve and Stepher said...

I assure you that no mistake was made. I adore the idea of writing letters to your children, especially when they detail the BIG events in their lives.

Now that both of my parents are gone I wish I had a way to ask them questions about my childhood. A digital baby-book detailing those years would be a true treasure. Paper journals get lost and fade with time. I have a feeling this medium will be around for the foreseeable future.

You DESERVE the Perfect Post Award. Enjoy!


anti-supermom said...

I know how you feel, you sometimes forget that blogging is people with real lives and bad things happen in those lives.

Congrats on the 'perfect' post that would never be me, in a million years, but I imagine you know that.

My sister *edits* my posts~

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