Monday, May 26, 2008

Boy Briefs, Holiday Weekend Version

Me: "Finn, did you have a good sleep? Did you do any dreaming?"

Finn: "Yeeeaaaah..." scrunches his face up to think

"I dreamed about talking cats. And talking dogs and talking chicken and talking pig and talking wooster. And talking kitties. And they went in the baaaaaarrrrn.... and they play the ee-ano and guitars and... DRUMS! They play drums! An it was too loud and the man woked up. And the piiiiiigggg... say 'Thank you! Thank you Wesconsin!' An then I wake up."

Me: "Wow. I think we've been reading Punk Farm too much before bed."


We used the holiday weekend to do some yard work in the back.
I think we started a new tradition - Naked Gardening:

You should try it. Just go heavy on the sunscreen.

As a result of Naked Gardening we have:
- heirloom tomatoes
- okra seedlings
- Kentucky Wonder bean seedlings
- peppers: sorrento, banana, jalepeno
- sage: Mexican, garden, pineapple
- basil out the wazoo
- cilantro
- oregano
- verigated lantana
- Spanish lavendar
- rosemary
- mint: peppermint, spearmint, catmint

We also did some work on our compost pile, such as - Caleb started to make it more official and build a confined heap instead of just the big pile of garbage we've been tossing our coffee grounds and egg shells into on the other side of the fence. (Sorry neighbors!) And a bit of advice... if you decide to start a pile yourself, be sure NOT to keep your scrap bucket next to the back door. ESPECIALLY if you have little boys that leave the door wide open for a million gnats to swarm into your kitchen and fly away with the baby.

It is my goal to learn how to can tomatoes this year. I WILL do it. Even if it takes a few third-degree burns.

Howdy pardner. You didn't think I was naked, did you?


Some items of note for the baby book:

This week Finn caught his first fish with Papa in the creek. I think everybody was surprised, most of all all Finn. I wasn't down there, but Papa said Finn could barely contain himself. LB took a picture but I haven't figured out how to download it to the Mac yet.

Another first... both boys went roller skating at Abby's birthday party this weekend. They tried out the tiniest skates you've ever seen and LB took them out of the floor. (Just like over 15 years ago, those places are still blaring booty music and blacklights!) It was surreal, but fun. Finn also played laser tag with Uncle Heath and loved it so much he cried to leave. Afterward we went to see MawMaw in the nursing home and the boys were super sweet to all the old folks there - saying hello and blowing kisses to everyone.

Eli has been using the potty with some regularity, but I'm not pushing it too hard at home just yet. He moves up a classroom next week and they will really focus on it in there. With any luck we'll be diaper-free by his second birthday! Whoo-hoo! (And the landfills breath a sigh of relief - seriously, with all the scientific advancements going on you'd think someone could invent a biodegradable diaper...)

A few more weeks and we find out if the new cousin debuting in November is a boy or girl!


McMommy said...

First of all, can I bring my boys over to play in your backyard PLAYGROUND??? Holy moly, that is one fantastic swing set!!! should change the name of your blog to HOTTIE Wheel Hacienda...You look FABU, Momma!!

ShannanB said...

lol. Love the naked gardening. My youngest is a total streaker!

Name: The Bryant Family said...

Naked Gardening - hah, hah, hah!!!!!!!! And you look great in your picture! And I am so jealous that Eli is getting potty trained. Although you deserve it this time around!

Lisa said...

Naked gardening also helps speed along potty training :)
I have been struggling with tomatoes for so years--I can only get the bitty ones and they are SUPPOSED to grow like weeds in Texas :(

Hey--is your son's actual name Finn (my son is named this--of course to blog world he in known as Dino). We named him after Huckleberry Finn--is this where you got the name?

Anonymous said...

HAHA. Did you intend the pun "Basil out the wazoo" during naked gardening because seriously, that cracked me up! HAHA...And there was ANOTHER ONE :)

Anonymous said...

Naked garedening sounds good to me ... for the kids. Less time for me to chase them around with clothes shouting at them to put them back on!

The Bouvier Bunch said...

Naked Gardening sounds like a wonderful idea!!!! My baby would love it!!

MommyTime said...

I loved this. Naked gardening sounds great (if it ever gets over 60 degrees here). But honestly, I love the story of his dream even more! Thanks for the great laughs.

McMommy said...

ha ha ha!!! I'm laughing reading The Walsh's comment!!

That Bree is too funny!

Happy POW!

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