Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That Crazy Lady in the Bakery...

... is me.

You know, the one who is staring daggers into the eyes of the three year old clutching a cookie. I LOVE DaMamma's blog, and her post here, at The Parenting Post is right on.

I'm a manners freak, and I'll push the issue with Finn and Eli until the point is made and a "thank you" is heard. Thankfully, they both take to it well and reciprocate almost every time. But for every battle chosen there is one forfeited, and a few weeks ago I had to let a BIG one go. My friend Lauren gave me permission, and since then life has been 110% better here at Hotwheel Hacienda. We are no longer pushing the potty issue. Finn knows I can't force him to do it and it was a complete power struggle at that point. So, after much thought and guilt and lost sleep, I let it go. Dr. Rosemond would string me up, but its all I know to do for now.

So which battles do you choose when we can't choose them all?


pb&j in a bowl said...

I'm with you about the manners. They are so important and when you teach your child that they are important, it will become a habit.

Name: The Bryant Family said...

One battle I've lost is that I bribe - even though I said I would NEVER do it! Things like - "get in your car seat and I'll give you the sucker" and "eat another bite and I'll let you have a sip of my coke." And I'm SURE Dr. Rosemond would string ME up for that. Anyway, I'm with your friend. You can't force a child to use a potty. He'll do it when he's ready and when he knows it isn't a control issue. It will all be okay. :-)

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