Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Conversation with Finn

A typical conversation with Finn in the car:

Him: Mama?

Me: Yes?

Him: Mama.

Me: Yes, Finn?

Him: Maammmmaaaa.

Me: FFffffiiiiinnnnn.

Him: (giggling) Mama.

Me: WHAT??

Him: You a ROCK.

Me: I'm not a rock, I'm Mama.

Him: You not Mama. You a.... PUNKIN.

Me: I'm not a punkin. YOU'RE a pumpkin.

Him: Mama?

Me: Yes, Finn?

Him: Mamma... Are you sad?

Me: No, I'm not sad. Are you sad?

Him: Yesh, I sad. I wanna watch a movie. I watch Wild Things. (Sendak, NOT that skanky movie with Denise Richards)

Me: Well, you see, we're in the car. We can't watch movies in the car.

Finn: Oh. Okay. insert 1 minute pause here. Mama?

Me: Finn?

Him: Maaaammmmaaaaa....

Me: Yes?

Him: I wanna look at Chrissmas lights. I waana walk.

Me: Well, the trouble with that is its daytime and the sun is shining. We can see Christmas lights when its dark and the moon comes out.

Him: Oh. Okay. insert 10 second pause here. Mama?

Me: For the love of Pete, Finn, WHAT?

Him: You a PIRATE!!! giggles like a maniac

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Name: The Bryant Family said...

Ahhh...conversations with preschoolers! :-)

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