Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Being Held Hostage By Indiana Jones

Finn's small birthday party went well & the Indiana Jones cake was a hit. His actual day of birth is next week and we are planning on having a special day at the movies with these guys, so more birthday references to come. I finally uploaded the party photos here on Flickr, but this just about sums it up:

The Whip has been a coveted item for a while so he was happy to see it. The trouble is, Eli & Finn have been fighting like crazy over it, so much that Aunt Laura had to promise to get Eli one for Christmas. Because that's what we need... TWO WHIPS. (But seriously, thanks LB!)

Between The Whip, the Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head, and the actual movie we just received from Netflix, I am pretty weary of hearing THIS SONG because they all three play it over and over and over:

As is stab-me-in-the-ear-just-so-I-don't-have-to-listen-to-it-again weary.

So I'm taking some time off over the next few weeks; I have tons of comp time & vacation that I need to use or my HR director will string me up. I've decided to focus on Eli's potty training skillz & see what progress we make. 

(Don't worry... I know you're intrigued & I'll be sure to post Potty Chronicle updates. So you can rest easy now.)


Shannon said...

OMG TWO whips!!! Sounds like our last birthday - two Star Wars light sabers, one for each boy. Cuz some poor soul thought that was *fair*. I suddenly have the IJ song in my head too. I think someone got that whip for my oldest son for Christmas, I'm dreading seeing it under the tree.

Name: The Bryant Family said...

I love how excited he looks! I'm glad you're getting to take time off. This is a good time for it.

Artist Unplugged said...

I thought it looked like you were heading down dualing whip road! Glad you are taking time off! From what I've seen Eli will be an easy potty train!

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