Friday, December 19, 2008

The Girl Can Accessorize - Updated!

I was able to watch my two-month-old niece some this week & we've had fun. I like to put stuff on her head...

Santa Stevey

... and take pictures.

Stevey Models the Oven Mitt

And then I get to send her home! It's nice being an Aunt.


I actually won SuperMommy's awesome contest - I am now the proud recipient of an Envirosax set. (Merry Christmas to me!) I can't wait to hit Publix with these tucked underneath my arm. Oh, and I'll bet they'll come in handy toting presents to and from the Fam's holiday gatherings. And at the beach in the summertime. And double as a diaper bag / purse! And work tote! And library bag! The possibilities are endless. 
Thanks SuperMommy! You are my personal Santa Claus!

1 comment:

Carol said...

The joys of looking after other peoples kids eh?

Congrats on your win.

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