Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birthday Countdown

He Made It!
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T minus 19 hours and counting...

Finn's birthday is on the 23rd, but we have been celebrating it a week or so early - for obvious reasons. When he was born we toyed with the idea of celebrating Half Birthdays in July so he could enjoy it away from the shadow of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Years, and the other various winter celebrations. But then Eli was born in July so we couldn't do that.

Tomorrow we will have a small, family-only gathering to mark the occasion, and then do something special with just us on the 23rd.

Hence... the CAKE OF AWESOMENESS. It has snakes, and lava, and tribal natives with spears, and a swinging bridge over a volcano, and candles for torches. We got him the Indiana Jones whip to go with it as his gift. (I will probably be posting later on what a bad idea that was.)

More later...


McMommy said...

Nice Work!!! Hope Finn has a wonderful birthday!

Artist Unplugged said...

It looks great! Is he excited today? I know VolleyGirl and I can make it, the Shreks will just be coming in from hot 'Lanta and I probably won't get them to walk immediately back out the door.

Attraversiamo said...
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Attraversiamo said...

I love the cake! haha :) My birthday is the 17th... my parents tried to celebrate half birthdays with me too, but even when I was little I fussed because I wanted my "real" birthday. My brother was born on the 31st, which happens to be not only New Years Eve, but also our Dad's birthday. So we just call December "party month."

I think what has made all the difference to me is that my parents have always taken special care to make my birthday special and never give me joint Christmas/birthday gifts. Sounds like y'all do the same for Finn. Tell him happy birthday for me!


The White House said...

Happy Birthday, Finn! The cake is super cool, and creepy in a good way.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Neat cake--and smart you for celebrating early :)

Name: The Bryant Family said...

I sympathize! Wren doesn't have it near as bad as Finn but Thanksgiving week isn't such a hot time for a b-day either. :-)

Funny you should mention it b/c we're going to a 4th b-day party on 12/20 for a child of Jason's coworker. I've never met the family before, but we're specifically going b/c I'm sure that's a hard time to have a birthday and I'm wondering how many people will come.

Jason told me a story when I first met him about his now 21 year old bros 6 year old party. His b-day is in the summer. The invitations went out, his mom got everything ready, and no one came! It always makes me so sad to hear that story.

I'm sure Finn had an awesome time with you all and loved, loved, loved that coolio cake!

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