Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy Pushing

Candy Pusher
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Halloween 2008 was great - we went to a library costume party, had a costume parade at school, and finished up the night with Trick-or-Treating.

Caleb & I have a costume party to attend this evening and then we bid Halloween farewell and get ready for my other favorite holiday... Thanksgiving. And you know what that means - Macy's Parade is almost here!! (For those of you who don't know, I'm a sucker for a parade. I don't know why - but I LOVE them. I will go see it in person before I die.)

In the meantime, enjoy our Flickr pictures by clicking on the link.


We are the champions...

Hubs and I won "Most Original Costumes" at the party last weekend. Our Juno & Bleeker rocked the Casbah. Actually, I think it was Caleb's legs that sealed the deal...

Bleeker & Juno

No, I'm NOT pregnant. We rigged up a pretty convincing belly. So much so that there were some pretty mad people watching me have libations.


Shannon said...

CUTE costumes - I just love them!! My son wore a spiderman suit almost exactly like that one - so funny! The knight costume is amazing - he looks fantastic. Glad it all went well :-)

Name: The Bryant Family said...

They look cute! I guess the skeleton costume fell by the wayside. :-)

We went the main halloween party. It was really fun!

The White House said...

Hey BookMama! I got that meme completed at my blog...

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