Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the Band Played On

Caleb & Steph
Originally uploaded by BookMamma
Thanksgiving Preparations & Execution - CHECK

Hotwheels Halls Decked - CHECK

Holiday Card Photo Taken - next on the To-Do list...

Hopefully we'll get that done this week. In the meantime, I uploaded tons of photos to Flickr this weekend. Thanks to Sandypants for all the great Margarita Ball photos!


McMommy said...

HOT MAMA!!!!!! Wowie, missy!! Look at you and Hotwheel Hubs hitting the town!

If McDaddy and I had a pic like that, I'd totally use it for our Christmas card pic and say screw the kids pic...mommy and daddy are smokin' hawt!!!

ha ha ha!

BookMamma said...

Thanks - I really have to jump back on the wagon though... those arms just. won't. DO. Too bad I can't photoshop.

Hubs is a total hottie in black tie. Thankfully we get to do it again for the holidays!

gryphon said...

I love the shoutout. Tell me, when are you going to stop carrying hubby? you are way out of his league. I really did think that you looked great that night. later. Dr.Pants.

Steph said...

I love that photo you to look great!!

The White House said...

Wooowee, BookMamma is lookin' hot! I'm with McMommy, use that photo for your Christmas Card.

Threeboys1mommy said...

WA WA WEE WA! Looking good book mama and hubs.. . I didn't recognize you without the sun hat and shades.

Artist Unplugged said...

You do look spankin' bad! Hubby does do a tux a favor! I agree about the card....can you put the kids photo on the other end with the sentiments in the middle???

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