Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boy Briefs, the Religilous Version

The boys attend an Episcopal daycare (not so much because we want spirituality/religion to be taught to them there, but more because its the best daycare we've ever seen). The classes have chapel every Wednesday, and it is taught by a sweet older lady whose twin daughters just happen to be Finn & Eli's teachers.  

We're arriving one morning and pass Chapel Teacher in the hall. 

"Good morning, Finn," she says. 

"Good morning," Finn stoically replies back. We walk a little further down the hall. When we get safely out of earshot Finn whispers to me, "Mommy... know what? That my chapel teacher. Her name's GOD." 


We've recently been attending church at the very place the boys go to school. This is great for Caleb and I but kind of weird for the boys because they aren't exactly sure if they're going for school or for church. But they're smart... they'll figure it out eventually. 

At children's church the kids go back and do songs and crafts before coming in to sit with the adults for communion. Last Sunday, Finn was NOT happy when he arrived at our pew and was loudly protesting a paper in his hand. 

"Mom, this isn't my NAME," he gestures wildly to the paper. It's covered in glue and marker scribbles with the name "Ben" prominently written at the top.
"MY NAME'S NOT BEN! That lady got my name wrong!" 

We get him calmed down and manage to get through communion with just a few huffy pouts and indignation. In the car, Hubs tries to explain. 

Hotwheel Hubs: "Finn, the teacher didn't do it on purpose, she just thought you said "Ben". Let's practice telling people your  name. Say F-f-f-f-FINN."

Finn: "F-f-f-f-BEN." 

Me: "Hmmm. Say, 'frog'."

Finn: "Frog."

Me: "Say, 'fabulous'."

Finn: "Fabulous."

Hubs: "Say, 'FINN'."

Finn: "Ben."

Me & Hubs: ... sigh


The daycare makes a delicious Thanksgiving lunch for all the families of the kids each year. I signed up to help set up and serve the plates -  it was a great way to match the kids I see every day to their parents & grandparents. Both Grandaddy and Nana came to eat with Eli, and Nana stayed over to eat with Finn, Hubs, and I. 

Our priest, Susan, was also scurrying around serving food and refilling tea glasses. She was dressed in her usual priestly uniform Finn watched her for a while and elbowed his dad. 

"Daddy, know what? Dat lady's name's GOD." Finn stoically goes back to eating his roll. 

Which leaves me thinking maybe if we can keep him thinking all women are God, he'll turn out just fine. 


Artist Unplugged said...

I love your kid stories....so, so funny. Didn't know you all had been going there to church. I think you may be on to something there...women are Gods!

Aardvark said...

I am excited that after "frog" the next "f" word that Caleb came up with was "Fabulous"...

Aardvark said...

well crap...i just went back to look at somethings else and realized that it was you that was throwing around the fabulous...not Caleb!

AmySandy said...

I think FBen is on to something ;)

I'm impressed that he knew the paper said BEN! Did she repeat that name back to him or something?? Surely he didn't READ that?? Okay, even if he didn't, let me think that and just be impressed.

Danielle said...

LOL!! "Her name's GOD." Too cute!!

S2 said...

I imagine FIL is happy to be able to attend these kind of events. He's doing so much these days!

And congrats on finding a daycare/church that works for you. That can be a tough one for sure...

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