Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Domino Effect

A List of Things Broken in My House:

- my Mac, used for BLOGGING, photos, iTunes, recreation

- Hotwheel Hubs' PC, used for both our jobs, finances, serious stuff

- my work VPN connection, but the PC is down so it doesn't matter

- my iPod, won't sync right... I think it's related to the Mac problems

- dishwasher door, won't shut

- ice maker, won't work

- water dispenser, takes exactly 3.5 minutes before water comes out (I timed it)

- all the toilets in our house, run after flushing

- THREE coffeemakers, the usual AND the backup, plus the beloved Senseo

- both lamps in the boys' room

A List of Things Currently Working in My House But If They Break I Will Be Forced to Slit My Wrists:

- the Dyson

- the camera

- the steam mop

- the fridge

- the beer fridge

- the AC

- the TV/Wii/DVR

So until we get this laptop problem fixed I am forced to write posts at home, email them to my work account, and post from work. Stinks. And that means I'm strangely disconnected from bloggy friends for another week.

The upside? I'm reading more! Just finished Stephenie Meyer's The Host (loved it, even more than Twilight series..).

The downside? I miss reading what everyone's up to and replying to comments. I promise to catch up soon!


McMommy said...

Hey missy! It's weird, isn't it? You miss the blog world like crazy....yet strangely, it feels almost freeing to be disconnected from it?!

Lately I have been taking more of a feels good! But you KNOW I miss YOU!

Steve & Stepher said...

NO coffee?

You need to move!

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