Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three is a Magic Number

What IS it with me and having holiday babies?? 

Finn was born on the 23rd of December, and we went home from the hospital on Christmas Day. Eli was born the 5th of July and I remember lying awake that night listening to the random POW of a still-enthusiastic bottle rocket at 3:00 AM, wondering if these contractions were real or the fake kind. 

So three years have come and gone and now the baby is a boy. 

As usual, we had a small party at home with family and a few close friends. Hubs fired up the grill and my dad brought homemade ice cream. My job was to furnish The Cake. 

I don't fancy myself a super crafty DIY person, but we've been doing the homemade birthday cakes for a few years now and I was stressing about this one. The boys get to pick what kind of cake they get and it's up to me to figure out a way to make it happen. 

Samurai Jack seemed simple enough - I got some small toys online and found a party supply store with all their SJ stuff on clearance. I found some red & black candies - a hodgepodge of licorice, Twizzlers, spanish peanuts, and candy blackberries & raspberries. 

Thank you, Fruit Rollup gods, for providing the orange-cherry swirl kind that made the most perfect flames when cut with a leaf-shaped cutter! The platform was an iced rice crispy treat.

The cake itself was devil's food and iced with homemade buttercream. HUGE thanks to Aunt T, who is the Icing Queen! My frosting skills have much to be desired and she came over to help early that morning. 

A bouquet of swords from the dollar store also served as party favors. 

The candy sushi turned out pretty good!

Last year on the HH I chronicled the story of Eli's arrival. Since you know that already I won't rehash it here, but I will record some of my predictions on his character for prosperity's sake. 

Eli is our brute. He's the brawn to Finn's brain, the sheer will to his brother's nuance. But don't be fooled - that is no indication of Eli's intelligence. He's just more direct with his manipulation. He's cute, he knows it, and he totally uses it to his advantage. It's the same trait I can see we'll need to stay on top of to make sure it doesn't morph into cockiness as he gets older. He's more likely to cuddle with you and still asks to be held and carried occasionally... never mind he weighs the same (if not more) than his older brother. His hugs are fierce and frequent, and thankfully outnumbered by his outbursts... barely. 

So far, Eli has shown more interest & proficiency in team sports than Finn, tossing a ball with strength & accuracy or picking up on the way the game is played. He loves the water and doesn't mind getting his face wet in the pool. HE EATS LIKE A STARVED HORSE. Thai food, veggies, all kinds of meat, Chinese food, pasta, fruit - I honestly can't think of something he won't eat right now. He's even been known to sneak sips of our coffee if we aren't watching him. 

Once, when Hotwheels Hubs was traveling for work, he was hanging out in the hotel bar and met an interesting character who claimed to be an "International Astrologer" with clients all over the world. (Hubs must have a face that encourages people to talk because this kind of thing happens to him all. the. time. He should've been a bartender or a therapist or a priest because folks want to confess their sins and discuss the details of their lives with him without him ever encouraging that kind of interaction.) 

Anyway, they got to talking and International Astrologer asked about hub's family. When he learned a little about Eli he got excited. 

IA: "He sounds like a Crystal Child!"   

Hubs: "Umm... OK. What's that?" 

IA proceeded to rattle off characteristics of the revered Crystal Children
Hubs proceeded to laugh. 
  • Usually born after 2005. Check
  • Have magnetic personalities and are highly affectionate. Check.
  • Usually late talkers. Check.
  • Are very much connected to nature and animals. Check.
  • They love water which is beneficial in clearing and soothing them. Check. He's a fish at the pool, and loves going to the beach.
Then... it got weird.
  • Use telepathy and self invented sign language to communicate. Um. No. 
  • May be diagnosed with autism, or Asperger’s syndrome. No, thank goodness. 
  • Are even tempered, sweet and loving. Are forgiving of others. The temper on Eli is anything but. He holds a grudge, and eats "even tempered" for breakfast. 
  • Are natural healers and peacemakers. Nope. He's usually the one inflicting the pain, and more of a warmonger than a peacemaker. Just today I overheard Finn telling him, "I'M a lover. YOU'RE a fighter." 
  • Are quite interested in crystals and rocks. Yeah... to THROW.
  • Are extremely artistic and creative. We all knew that...
  • Often are natural vegetarians and may have a high metabolism. Wrong. You know those images of cavemen with giant hunks of red meat? That's Eli. 
  • May be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance. Fearless? Yes. Explorer? Yes - meddling is a hobby of Eli's. But amazing sense of balance? Far from it. The kid is top heavy, and has sported at least two black eyes and countless goose eggs to prove it. 
  • Their energy may disrupt electrical appliances. Usually because he's smashed something into said appliance. 

I think it's safe to say that Eli is NOT part of a more evolved, enlightened race of humans, and that Crystal & Indigo Children are really just another way for doting parents to worship their kids instead of raising their kids. This results in more rotten, spoiled rugrats that grow up to become rotten, spoiled adults. 
But that's just me. 

I, for one, am happy to have my little imperfect, willful, sweet three-year-old over that any day. Happy Birthday, Little Man!


katarinas mama said...

First that cake is GOR-geous!! Love it! You are an amazing talent...smooth frosting and all!!

Secondly, Oh Emm Gee, the Crystal Child. I am literally still chuckling. Yeah, if only we were all a more evolved race, eh??

Great writing!! Now I'm off to do a few slacker entries in my own blog. Just can't seem to find the time these last few months. Ugh.

Artist Unplugged said...

I always enjoy your writing, goes without saying that I love your boys. Funny, the crystal child, yup, that's him, the chosen one to shatter as much of it as possible! Isn't it amazing to have two that can be so different? Ha, ha, Finn is the lover and Eli the fighter!!!!

Name: The Bryant Family said...

Loved the post but I have to tell you at first I thought it was a third baby coming along!!!! Had my heart racing there for a minute. :-)

And, weirdly, I've read about what the "astrologer" was talking about but I think I've heard them called indigo children.

Great post and pics and loved the candy sushi! :-)

McMommy said...

I just read this entire post outloud to McDaddy....we couldn't believe HOW MUCH Eli and Carter are alike. No seriously....it was as if you exactly described Carter!!! Happy Birthday to Eli...I loved the cake (you are so talented) and the candy sushi!

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