Monday, July 27, 2009

Every Little Thing... Is Gonna Be Alright

Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley should write ME a check... almost every night they are each invoked during our bedtime ritual. 

Finn is a Buffett guy; quintessential beach baby and pirate connoisseur. We started incorporating the song when he moved to a "big boy bed" because Eli needed the crib. We chose it because Caleb knew all the words. 

Number of times we have sung "A Pirate Looks at 40":
  • 5 times a week on average
  • 52 weeks a year = 260
  • for 3 years = 780 times! 

Eli is a little more chill and a lot less melancholy. He's only recently began asking for a song at night, but his taste is good - Bob Marley is his DOC. How indicative of his future character is this? Only time will tell, but hubs and I are more than a little worried. We've referred to Eli's Matthew-McConaughey-esque demeanor before... 

I remember being very pregnant in the heat of summertime and stressed to the max about work or some other odd hormonal thing. Driving in to the office that morning I stuffed this CD into my car's dashboard and cranked it up. The impact was almost instantaneous - I could literally feel the tension drain away...

How could you NOT?  

Here's to stress-free summers and steel drums. 
I hope you have both. 


katarinas mama said...

Awesome post. We love Bob Marley!! And Jimmy Buffet. Cheeseburger in Paradise all the way!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's already got his own little style going.

Good for him, and...

I'm gonna say it.

Don't worry....

Artist Unplugged said...

Hey! What a cute post! Does Finn like Cheeseburger in Paradise? you think Eli has any talent for the acting.....perhaps he could at least make a good living though he is a was from a six-pack ab!!!!!!

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