Friday, April 10, 2009

The View from Four Feet

Today's photo tour of our house will be presented by Finn, who somehow acquired the camera after I took a snapshot of a moment I'll call "Yogurt Celebration":

He wanted to take a picture of us together first. I thought that was it, but discovered these photos after I downloaded the ones I needed from the camera.

I could have done without the photo of my rear. I'm sure you could too.

Thankfully, Finn's next subject was more interesting...

... but seemed to have forgotten something.

A fascinating shot of the microwave followed.

As well as an artistic depiction of our kitchen floor.

Caleb was asked to pose, which makes me wonder why the camera wasn't confiscated afterward. The shutter seems to be a bit stuck, probably due to the finger that kept jamming it open.

A lovely couch scene...

... followed by some nature shots.

This one was experimenting with light & shadow.

From a dog's-eye view.

A set of geometric shape shots of the dining room table and the stairs -

Concluded by a secret shot of a recently dressed brother.

I hope you've enjoyed this photographic tour of the Hotwheel Hacienda, and it encouraged you to change your perspective every now and then.
As well as be sure to put your camera up higher than usual.


Artist Unplugged said...

How adorable......see, you could make them 'arty' which is kind of funny.

Carol said...

Hilarious. I love that during his snapping frenzy the dad didn't even confiscate. That would so have been the case here too.

And yogurt celebration? Don't you just love having boys.

Me said...

What an artist!

AmySandy said...

What a funny discovery! Chan would certainly appreciate his eye ;)

david mcmahon said...

Great to see kids who are encouraged to use a camera. Did I say encouraged? You know what I mean!!!!

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