Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello Stranger

I know... my blogging habits have been less than prolific these days. Instead of telling you, I'm going to do what a good writer does and SHOW you instead.

Meet Maybelline. We call her Maybel.
We adopted her from a no-kill shelter after she was rescued from Doggie Death Row. She's a sweetie and will make a great pet for someone, but we're not a good fit. We have her on a trial basis and are placing her in foster care due to one of the boy's major dander allergies. I guess we're more of a fish family...

Eli's First Black Eye
... and hopefully his last. He took a tumble off some bleachers at a birthday party and stopped his fall with his head. The result was a HUGE goose egg that took our breath away:
Eli's 2nd Goose Egg

St. Patrick's Day
Happy St Pattys Day!

We got to march in this year's parade with the library! It was a blast and the most well-attended parade I've ever seen in Huntsville. We decorated the bike trailer and even got these Wild & Crazy Guys to march too.

Top that off with work, work, and more work - and that's where we've been.
Hope YOU are doing well and seeing some glimpse of Spring in your neighborhood!


McMommy said...

I about fell off my chair when I saw your name highlight in my reader!!

Looks like you have been busy! And I can SO relate with the injuries...I just wrote a post about all the things I learned this weekend that I didn't necessarily want to..HEAD INJURIES!! We boymoms should have VIP passes to the ER. :)

Threeboys1mommy said...

Awe maybel looks like a sweetheart! Nice of you to care for her in the mean time. Hope the swelling has gone down now, that was nasty!

Artist Unplugged said...

I know you have been busy, busy, busy! It is good to get some news from you. Wow, that had to be scary with Eli! Poor Maybel......that's the way it goes. Mr. Unplugged mentioned getting a rescue female bulldog....guess you will find me at your doorstep with my stuff. Hope to get with you soon!

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