Saturday, September 13, 2008

In Which Craig Ferguson is Awesome

I puffy heart Craig:

"... Here's some good advice on what voting is all about, plus a dash of media critique of election coverage by mainstream media, delivered in a zexy brogue by talk show host Craig Ferguson."  -- MOMocrats

And fabulous Les Mis spoofs with Obama aides:

And, yes... I AM phoning it in lately. 

I'm taking a bit of a break and leaning on my "Guilt-Free Blogging" rights. Now that Big Fat Work Event is over, I'm reading books and playing with my kids and cooking and getting my house in order again. We're headed to the beach soon, and going camping this weekend. We're thinking of putting the house up for sale. We're trying to roll with punches at Hotwheel Hubs work. I threw a baby shower for my sister and am coordinating a wedding for my friend. I'm jumping back on the wagon and hitting the gym again. 

We're waiting with baited breath as this election unfolds. 

In other words, we're doing the real world thing for a while. 


Threeboys1mommy said...

Real world ey? You'll have to blog about it for me to fully understand what you mean.

What ev Book Mama it's all about Jimmy Kimmel!

Artist Unplugged said...

Whoa.....lots of info! Thank goodness for the blog, how ever would I learn all this. Not sure I like all that I am hearing.......sounds like you're as tense about the election as I. We may have to stay 10 paces apart during October since we are on opposite sides of the fence. I'm not much of a Ferguson viewer, more Leno, Kimmel and O'Brien.

Thanks for the kind Mama Rose sentiments............

Mamasphere said...

Both of those videos were great! Thanks for posting- I wouldn't see half the stuff out there if people didn't put it up for me.

gryphon said...

I enjoyed the CF clip - the last 40 sec would make a great ad.

S2 said...

Speaking of selling houses, we have two sets of friends who have put their homes on the market. One has been there for six months (!!!) while the other just went up last month.

Each evening, I scour for deals on potential beach homes/condos near Key West. I've found a couple of candidates; haven't found THE ONE just yet.

Have fun camping. That's one thing I totally don't do, LOL. Motel 6 is my campground.

Let's hope the beaches are still there when we make the drive south. We're going just after hurricane season is over and everyday I watch the news and hope a hurricane won't take out Florida!

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