Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is That a Pumpkin In Your Pants?

Since recycling is the cool thing to do now, I thought I'd recycle an old post. This one's from Monday, October 02, 2006. Finn was not yet two and Eli a mere three months when I wrote it...

I love this time of year. Sweaters and sharpened pencils, the acrid tang of cotton defoliant in the air, the Halloween candy on special. From the back porch, I can hear the drums from the middle school marching band on Thursday nights whenever they play home games.

What is your favorite memory of Fall? What do you like most?

When I was very small my parents took me to the local Farmer's Market to pick out a pumpkin to carve. I must have been around three at the time, and when we got there a photographer for the paper asked to take my picture. They put the camera inside a pumpkin and took a shot of my three year old face peering in and smacking my lips. I wore denim overalls and they put me on the front page. Years later, I found about 15 copies of that page in the family photo chest.

My sister and I tagging along when my dad went dove hunting. Being on the dance team and performing at halftime football games. Falling in love with my husband while driving through Amish country (of all places).

What are your most vivid Fall memories? Leave them in the comments.


Funny story - yesterday this came in the mail from one of my aunts. She found it in her photos and sent it to me. How did she know I was planning to blog about it?

October 30, 1980
"Pumpkin Point of View"
Ever wonder what Halloween looks like to a pumpkin? If you are round and orange and you see little girls like Stephanie F. , 3, thinking about pumpkin pie and making jack-o-lanterns it's not a pretty sight. But it is an interesting angle with the camera inside the pumpkin shell. Stephanie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F.  of New Market, and the pumpkin resides, at least temporarily, at a stand on north Memorial Parkway.


Artist Unplugged said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, I have that picture somewhere, Finn's with the penguin is still on the frig and BigBoy's baby photo from Mother's Day 20 years ago. We have to get Eli and VolleyGirl published!

S2 said...

I don't have any autumn memories from childhood.

As an adult, I always decorate the house for fall - but I do that for every other season as well...

Fall just isn't my time of year I guess, LOL

anti-supermom said...

That's a cool photo. I'm not ready to talk about Fall, not. at. all.

Hope you are enjoying your guilt free bloggin' :)

Lisa said...

Your blog looks great! Did you do the design work yourself?

Artist Unplugged said...

I listed some of my Fall memories on my site today.

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