Saturday, November 17, 2007

Escape Artist

Since he was 18 months old we had those doorknob covers on the inside of Finn's door to his room. We could get in, but he couldn't get out without our help. To some this may sound harsh, but it was much better than the alternative: Finn locking us out of his room while playing with the lock (not on purpose mind you) or having him roaming the house at 3:00 AM in the morning. And the stairwell is right by his door - I had terrible visions of him stumbling around all sleepy and falling down a whole flight of stairs tring to get to us. He always sleeps with the door to his room closed and we have never had any trouble with him opening the door right after he goes to bed.

So we took the knob covers off several months ago because he was getting old enough and is more skillfull getting around (he can walk that bannister like a gymnast and do perfect back-tuck dismount now). Until quite recently Finn has never tried to even open the door; conditioning had engrained that the door simply doesn't open without Mom or Dad on the other side...

No more.

The last few mornings we have been awakened to little boy morning breath in our faces and whispers of "I wake up - let's play!" at 6:00AM. Luckily we can buy a few extra minutes by sending him into Eli's room to climb into the crib and play with his brother. Eli thinks that's really cool and they wallow around in his bed for a while.

Until he learns how to get our of there too.
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Name: Lee Anne and Jason said...

Ahhh...the things I have to look forward to! :-)

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