Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blessed Be We

Things I give thanks for:

- that the first thing Finn does when he wakes up now is look for his little brother.

- for DVR and its ablity to hold all my episodes of Heroes & The Office, as well as a thousand hours of Little Bill, Batman, Blue's Clues, and The Corpse Bride (a favorite of Finn's we just can't erase).

- for Eli's healthy (ahem...) appetite.

- for Boys who actually have a bedtime, and usually stick to it.

- for Spanx.OK... let's be realistic. Assets.

- for curbside recycling & clotheslines!!

- for a great CDC we love.

- for Library cards with no limits and stoytimes seven times a week.

- for a compatible and exciting marriage.

- for small would-be victories in Iowa.

- that Finn will agree to just about anything if I say it in an excitable, sing-song tone.
Me: "Who wants to go home and take a long three hour nap?"

- for boots of all sorts. Here there be cowboy, pirate, Mommy's glamourous-but-comfy high heeled brown leather boots, and her witchy patent leather black ones.

- that we live in a free country, have a full pantry, a nice home, a huge & wonderful family, a good (gas-efficient!) car, amazing friends, good jobs - and the ability to know it could vanish so fast we have to enjoy every second of it all.


steve said...

Love the new page! Looks like everything is going full-speed ahead over there as well. I hope everyone is doing well, it's been too long since we've seen you guys.

Take Care - Steve

Amy said...

Can't tell you how excited I saw to hear that you were updating a new page. I've been missing the boys!! And you're such a great writer, Steph. You crack me up.

Hug 'em for me. Love.

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