Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Stroller

Over five years ago, we were shopping for an inexpensive, lightweight stroller to take on a trip to NYC. Hotwheel Hubs had a business trip there, and I had never been before. Neither had Finn, in all of his four months, but he had never been anywhere so he didn't count.

We had a great time. The stroller was perfect - not too bulky, and it had a handy shoulder strap that you could sling across your back when it was folded up. We've put some mileage on that stroller since. The zoo, the botanical gardens, the beach.

Pretty soon, we're taking it somewhere else...


Something tells me this stroller just isn't going to cut it.



ArtistUnplugged said...

Yeah, hopefully you have got your money's worth from that stroller! Whoa, appears giraffe boy may need a small adult stroller!!!! Do you not need one for the both of them...or shall they take turns? Love the calendar, anticipation is half the fun!!!!

Name: The Bryant Family said...

yeah...i would rent one of those double disney strollers. even my 2nd grade niece rode in it at disney last fall!

BookMamma said...

We're bringing one and planning on renting another there. Somehow I think Caleb will STILL be carrying Eli all over the park. Giraffe Boy is going to have issues - his feet drag the ground!

Stefan said...

I am totally laughing and crying here. Very funny post. Have fun on your trip BPT!

Amy said...

I remember we borrowed that stroller and took it to NYC and Princeton. We loved it so much that we bought one just like it! Take TONS of pics in Disney World!

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