Monday, June 21, 2010

The Quotable Beasties

Eli, holding a large, sharp stick -
"Eyes are for poking."

Conversation in the car -
Me: "Now when we get to tap class, I want you guys to listen to your teacher and not horse around... Deal?"

Finn: "..... Ummm, Mom, I'm going to have to stop making so many deals with you all the time. We have so many deals my head is going to 'splode."

Eli (without hesitation): "Then we'll have to get you a robot head."

Finn: "Oh. Well. OK!"

Finn, to his dance teacher -
"My mom said if we do something hard or if I get tired I can sit down and watch."
(I so did not say that.)

Tap Class

Finn, at least 3 times a week -
"This is the most awesome day EVER!"

Both -
"When can we spend the night with Nana/Papa/Grandmother/Grandaddy/Abby/Anna Grace/Kieran-and-Connery???"

Eli, after watching Finn's tooth fall out -
"I'm not going to get big teeth in my mouth. I'll just keep these little teeth. And all my blood."

First Lost Tooth

Not a quote but an awfully good piece of art -
The boys have spent part of the summer ganging up on me during my morning computer time. They are the warriors and I am the evil monster. Specifically, Medusa with the snake hair and the gaze that turns men to stone.

Portrait of Mom by Finn.


ArtistUnplugged said...

Love the quotes.....I'm with Finn, my head feels like 'sploding too! Eli has a good thought, to keep all his blood. Funny. Don't you love most of the things that come out of their mouths!!!!!

Amy said...

I. Love. Those. Boys.

I look forward to the next installment of The Quotable Beasties. And the answer to the question about when they can spend the night with Kieran-and-Connery??? Very soon!!

cgattis said...

Clearly, eyes are for poking!

Lisha said...

Too funny!

Chan said...

kathryn also has "the best day ever" often... but then also has the " most horrible and bad day ever" as well.. sometime they start the best day ever and end as the worst.. or vice versa....... its all so hard at 6.

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