Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summer Planning

Summer is on its way and the Hotwheel Hacienda's residents are making their plans. Finn finishes preschool and we've got him registered for Kindergarden this Fall, while we took a chance and signed Eli up for the local public preschool lottery. We probably won't get in, but will know for sure soon.

We've got a beach trip planned in the next few weeks, swimming lessons, Fantasy Playhouse summer theater classes, and soccer camp. That's in-between trips to the botanical gardens and the usual day-to-day activities, such as taking care of our veggie garden at home. I'm hoping it will be a full summer - since it's the last one before Finn becomes a real student!

In other news, I survived my first roller derby bout as Bettie PageTurner...

Love child of Melville Dewey and Bettie Page, BPT abandoned her kitten heels for roller skates...

She now employs her generous backside via knocking girls down on the track!

The boys were excited to watch my first game.

What do you have going on this summer?

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ArtistUnplugged said...

Sounds like a lot of activity is planned! Jeanette told me to tell you to look her up on facebook. She and Max are in Madison at least once a week and she's in with a playgroup or something. I think y'all would get along pretty well so look her up. Her last name is Baumgartner. Love the BPT write up too! Hope your knee is better.

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